Hello there. My name is Michael Vines and if you are looking at this website, then I would say that like me you are an outdoor enthusiast. Whether that is true or not, it is a safe bet that we both share an interest in survival and bushcraft. I spent a great deal of my life working in the computer industry, building up to the Y2K scare. For several years after that I strayed away from survival and preparedness and focused on my career. About 4 years ago I found myself with a renewed passion for bushcraft and survival. This renewed passion came on fast and strong and I wasn't sure just why. As the world economy began to crumble it quickly became obvious why I was being revisited. Today I am very involved in the survival industry, having become very good friends with David & Tam Wendell of "Bushcraft On Fire". I have also made many other acquaintances with leaders in the industry. Though I have no formal training, I do work to hone my skills, not to mention what I learned from David and Tam.  I have created several how-to videos which can be viewed on this site as well as YouTube. My goal in creating this site is to provide a place where you can get valuable information and gear to assist you through these perilous times as well as provide a better life for my family.


My Testimony